300 RUM -Red Transition Cerakote Pattern-


The .300 Remington Ultra Magnum (RUM) cartridge is a centerfire rifle cartridge developed by Remington Arms in the late 1990s. It is a high-powered cartridge designed for long-range shooting and hunting of large game, such as elk, moose, and bear.

The .300 RUM cartridge has a bullet diameter of .308 inches and a case length of 2.850 inches. It is a belted magnum cartridge based on the same case as the .404 Jeffery, initially designed for use in big African game hunting rifles.

The .300 RUM cartridge can produce very high muzzle velocities and deliver significant energy to the target. This makes it practical for hunting big game at long distances, as the high velocity helps to maintain accuracy and minimize the effects of wind drift and bullet drop.



ACTION: Bat Vesper LA Magnum

BARREL: Benchmark 8TW 24″ BM5 Spiral (23″ finish), Full-length bed action to the stock, includes +P

MUZZLE BREAK: TI PRO 4 (Thread muzzle and time brake 5/8-24)

STOCK: McMillan Game Warden 2.0 with Flush Cups front and back L/S

DMB & MAG: UM DBM and XL Magnum Mag

SCOPE RINGS: Hawkins Ultra Light Ring 30mm

SCOPE: Nightforce NX8 4-32

CERAKOTE: McMillan Red Transition Pattern

TRIGGER: TriggerTech Special Pro Curved Clean



RAIL: SRS Hunters Rail


BULLETS: Berger 215 Hybrid

Machined and Built by Unknown Munitions

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