Our Custom Rifle Builds range from $3K-$6K depending on what components you choose. Use the dropdowns below to help figure out your build cost and send us your build request! Once we receive your request- we’ll reach out by phone or email to go over your build details and figure out how we can help complete your dream build!


Your rifles action is the beating heart of your rifle build and a crucial part of the overall feel and performance. Bolt cycling consistency can make or break the experience for the shooter. We prefer BAT Machine in all of our rifle builds, and Tikka for more economical builds


Your rifles barrel is critical to its accuracy and precision. Most rifle builders have preferred barrel manufacturers they like to work with due to their experience in the industry and liability when the barrel absolutely must perform in your rifle build. We guarantee all of our rifles will shoot 1/2 MOA or better or we will replace the barrel free of charge.


Your rifles stock or chassis must fit you properly like an awesome pair of hunting boots. It must have the features and weight to match your intended purpose with your rifle build. The stock is the framework that keeps all of your rifles components in place and functional; absorbing recoil and tracking perfectly rearward allowing you to stay in the scope and spot your impacts.


Choose the options you'd like for your new rifle build.


Gunsmithing charges, check each box that applies to your build request.

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