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You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase rifle ammunition. All ammunition must be shipped via Ground Shipping. Each state may have individual restrictions for shipment of small arms ammunition. Check your state and local laws for any other applicable firearms and ammunition regulations. Always make sure you use the correct ammunition for your firearms and practice firearm safety at all times.

Anything that we work on, finish or build is covered by our limited lifetime warranty. If your firearm finish ever cracks, peels, chips, or breaks as a result of our workmanship, we will repair, replace, or refinish it at no cost to you, to and from shipping included. We cannot cover excessive wear from normal use (i.e. holster marks, blemishes from dropping or abuse, etc.). We also cannot warranty guns that are used in a police or military application.

Our return policy is that if you are unhappy with our work, or with any products you receive from us, please feel free to contact us, and we will correct the issue right away. If you decide you do not want any product you buy from us, we will accept returns within 30 days of you receiving the product, given the items are unaltered from the condition we shipped them in. At our discretion, we will charge a 10% return fee to cover our expenses charged by credit card processors and to inspect and restock the product. Absolutely no returns on loaded ammunition orders, no exceptions.

Yes! We offer 20% off a wide variety of our products.

  • 1- Email us a copy of your FFL to
  • 2- We’ll set you up with our dealer sheet and ordering process and add you to our distribution list

Yes! We offer 10% off of loaded ammunition, rails, brakes, and cerakote services.

  • 1- Sign up for an account in our online store.
  • 2- Email us a copy of your qualifying document (Military ID, DD-214, first responder ID, etc…) and website user ID to
  • 3- We’ll enable the discount within your account and you’ll be all set to place your order.
  • 4- Thank You for your service!

I’m sorry we don’t at this time, help us grow and eventually we can!

If your package shows delivered, please contact the shipper and us so that they can start a trace on it. These are obviously difficult and rare situations but things do happen. Most of the time, the package shows back up randomly by a neighbor, etc. so sometimes the best thig to do is be patient. We will do our best to assist in these situations but we are not liable for your package once the shipping service states it is delivered.

Your credit card will be charged when you checkout from the website store. If you requested a custom load or load development, your credit card will be charged when you accept and pay the invoice you receive by email.

No, ammunition must be shipped ground in accordance with hazardous materials guidelines. There are no exceptions.

No, we do not ship outside of the United States. We can ship to Alaska through an ocean freight carrier called Alaska Marine Lines for a cost of around $150. If you have an ocean freight company that will go to Hawaii, we are willing to work with them. We are also willing to work with an exporter if needed, try Point to Point Global Solutions.

We can’t directly, but you can set up an account with Carlile and get it done affordably:

Start here:  There are several great resources for this kind of information that can be found with a simple Google search. It is the purchasers and/or receiver’s responsibility to ensure they can receive the products that are ordered.

An FFL is required to ship to both CA and NY. No exceptions!

No ammunition can be shipped to Washington DC or Massachusetts. 

Other states require FOID or other documents be sent in prior to shipping.

The best way is to fill out the “Hand Loading Request Form” and we will get back to you with a quote and time frame as quickly as possible.

Yes, we will reload brass if you purchased the original ammunition from us after we have inspected it carefully and taken measurements to ensure it will be safe to fire again. We can make exceptions to reload your own brass with prior approval, call us. If your brass is deemed unworthy or unsafe for reloading, we will ship it back to you at your expense or recycle it as needed. Please use good judgment before considering your brass for reloading.

With Cerakote, virtually any part of a gun that is not made of rubber can be coated. However, our policy is to not coat any critical contact points (sears, safeties, triggers, disconnectors, etc.), aftermarket match triggers, springs, inside of barrels or chambers. Some springs that are attached permanently to a gun must sometimes be coated. In these instances these spring will be coated, but we will not coat anything that will affect the function of your firearm.

Load development starts with assessing your goals with the rifle. Then we measure your rifle’s freebore which allows us to begin customizing and testing different bullets, powder, brass, and seating depths to determine exactly what your rifle likes the best. We will present all of the data collected in easy to read format with graphs nicely printed in a folder and returned to you with your rifle and new customized ammunition. Contact us if you have any further questions or to find out what we can do for you.

Please make sure you have received an estimate, approved, and paid the invoice prior to shipping us your rifle. Please include a copy of your paid invoice in the box, and write weapon make/model/serial number on it to avoid any confusion.

  1. All shipping of serialized and non-serialized parts can be handled through us because we are a licensed FFL07 manufacturer.
  2. FFL number: 9-82-055-07-2G-03714, you can verify us at the following link: FFL EZ Check.
  3. Handguns must be shipped 2nd day air or faster, we prefer not to use USPS for reliability reasons.
  4. Long guns and non-serialized parts can be shipped by any service, we prefer not to use USPS for reliability reasons.
  5. Please use either carrier pickup or take it directly to a service center, it will save you money and it is much more reliable than your local pack and ship center.
  6. Please buy insurance for the full value of you items. Insurance is cheap, firearms are not and please note on your work order how much insurance you would like placed on your return shipment.
  7. Declare that you are shipping an unloaded firearm for repairs. They should give you no trouble, it is perfectly legal.
  8. MAKE SURE YOUR FIREARM IS UNLOADED!!! You would be surprised with what we have received.
  9. Do not ship any ammo with your firearms.
  10. Make sure your firearms and parts are packed well with sufficient cushioning for the journey.
  11. Please include an itemized packing list of everything that you send us. We cannot be held responsible for anything that is not documented.

COAL stands for Cartridge Overall Length and is the measurement from the base of the cartridge to the tip of the bullet. CBTO stands for Cartridge Base to Ogive and is the measurement from the base of the cartridge to the bullet’s Ogive. The Ogive is the point at which the bearing surface of the bullet departs and begins to taper towards the point. Please read the article here for an awesome explanation.

Unknown Munitions loads our ammunition by measuring from the cartridge base to the bullets Ogive and not the bullet’s tip. This is because any box of bullets, even the best, will have some variance in overall length due to tip deformity and the way bullets are made. The bullet’s ogive however is always in the same spot and is also the part of the bullet that engages the lands first when the ammunition is fired. Therefore, it is the more important measurement to remain consistent. If you have a bullet comparator, housing, and digital caliper you can measure your box of ammunition to the bullet’s ogive and you will find that all rounds are within +/- .002″ of each other.

We recommend reducing any existing charge weights by 10% and re-developing your specific load when replacing any component in a load recipe with a new component (brass, projectile, primer, or powder type).  Failure to reduce charge weights established using other manufacturers brass may result in higher pressures and velocities while using ADG brass and may result in unsafe pressure levels. Proceed with caution and always practice safe hand loading techniques.

Berger has an awesome twist rate stability calculator found here. Use the advertised muzzle velocity we publish on each ammunition page description and look for an SG of 1.5 or higher from the calculator.

Barrel length, twist, type, rifling, metallurgy, and how many rounds have been down a barrel can all affect velocity causing it to be slower or faster from one rifle to the next. We do our best to advertise barrel length and twist from our test rifles and we advertise accurate data collected through our extensive testing process. If your velocity is more than 10% different from advertised, please contact us to discuss. Thank you!

Freebore is the portion of the rifle’s throat that provides clearance for the loaded bullet before touching the start of the rifling. The freebore length is so important because it determines the distance the bullet will jump before engaging the rifling. This distance will be used to seat the bullet into the cartridge a specific depth to control how far it jumps. Each rifle and each bullet normally prefers a certain jump to achieve its greatest accuracy.

We sell a complete kit with everything you need HERE. You need to acquire some specialty tooling to measure your rifle’s freebore properly. You will need an OAL gauge made by Hornady, a comparator housing and specific bullet comparator for your caliber, and a digital caliper. You will also need a case that has been modified to screw onto the OAL gauge to work properly and the bullet you’d like to shoot.

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