Precision Rifle Ammunition

The Unknown Advantage:


Brass is inspected for irregularities, primer pockets and flash holes are uniformed with Sinclair tooling, then individually weighed and outliers discarded. We run the cases through a carbide expander mandrel to precisely set neck tension and ensure the case mouth is concentric, then the case is measured and trimmed with a Henderson trimmer. Neck tension is crucial to low ES, low SD, and high performance. Specific cases will be annealed prior to loading, or upon customer request.


Only quality bullets are selected for our ammunition based on experience and market trends. Bullets are seated using Redding competition micrometer seating dies and guaranteed to have +/- .002” variance in seating depth from the cartridge base to the bullet’s ogive. If Redding competition dies are not available for the specific cartridge we will select the best available die. We choose bullet seating depth based on the specific Secant, Tangent, or Hybrid Ogive of the loaded bullet and COAL limitations of standard magazines or hinged floorplates.


Powder is selected for best applicable burn rate and temperature sensitivity for the given cartridge and purpose. It is weighed to +/- .02 grains using A&D FX120I precision scales equipped with auto throw and auto tricklers. This level of precision ensures powder weight variation has negligible impact on extreme spread and standard deviation and is crucial to long range precision.


Primers are selected based on cartridge size, capacity, and shape to ensure uniform ignition of powder. They are seated between .002-.005” below flush as standard with minimal variation using Primal Rights Competition Primer Seaters. Primers are never handled by hand in our shop; they are moved from package to tooling without human contact.


We believe that in order to reach the level of performance expected from our customers, we must have repeatable and extremely consistent hand loading practices within our shop and utilize only the best tooling and technology available. We pride ourselves in these processes and are constantly seeking new ways to improve and streamline hand loading to produce the most affordable performance we can offer our customers. We ensure that all components in your box of high performance ammunition are pulled from the same individual supplier lots to ensure consistency.

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