Shipping / Drop-Off Instructions

Cerakote and Laser Projects:

  1. For Cerakote or Laser Engraving- head over to our Work Order Page and fill out a work order online, or print a blank as well to fill out by hand.
  2. All cerakote or laser projects shipped to us must have a paid order in place before shipping.
  3. Drop off projects can be paid when dropping off, or by other agreed upon arrangements.
  4. Pack up your project securely when shipping, make sure to include your completed WORK ORDER with your paid order number on it.
  5. When we receive your project, you will receive an email from our team letting you know we have received it in good condition along with other details about ETA, etc.
  6. Allow our team the time required to complete you work without multiple requests for updates that only slow down the process.
  7. When completed, you will receive an email with tracking information.
  8. If needed, find our FFL HERE.
  9. For additional information, please visit our FAQ page.

Load Development:

  1. For Load Development rifle shipping, you must have approval from our Load Development team prior to shipping us your rifle.
  2. Read below for instructions on shipping your rifle.

Shipping Firearms:

  1. All shipping of serialized and non-serialized parts can be handled through us because we are a licensed FFL07 manufacturer.
  2. FFL number: 9-82-055-07-2G-03714, you can verify us at the following link: FFL EZ Check.
  3. Handguns must be shipped 2nd day air or faster, we prefer not to use USPS for reliability reasons.
  4. Long guns and non-serialized parts can be shipped by any service, we prefer not to use USPS for reliability reasons.
  5. Please use either carrier pickup or take it directly to a service center, it will save you money and it is much more reliable than your local pack and ship center.
  6. Please buy insurance for the full value of you items. Insurance is cheap, firearms are not and please note on your work order how much insurance you would like placed on your return shipment.
  7. Declare that you are shipping an unloaded firearm for repairs. They should give you no trouble, it is perfectly legal.
  8. MAKE SURE YOUR FIREARM IS UNLOADED!!! You would be surprised with what we have received.
  9. Do not ship any ammo with your firearms.
  10. Make sure your firearms and parts are packed well with sufficient cushioning for the journey.
  11. Please include an itemized packing list of everything that you send us. We cannot be held responsible for anything that is not documented.


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