7PRC (Medium Action) -Blue Kryptek


Load Development complete shooting 180 Berger VLD Hunters at 2930 FPS from Peterson brass and validated to 1100 yards


The 7mm Precision Rifle Cartridge (7 PRC) is a relatively new cartridge developed by Hornady in 2018. It is designed as a long-range hunting and target shooting cartridge and is based on the 6.5mm Creedmoor case, which has been necked up to accept 7mm bullets.

The 7 PRC can shoot heavy, high ballistic coefficient bullets at very high velocities, making it an excellent choice for long-range shooting. It has a flatter trajectory than most other cartridges in its class and retains its energy better at longer ranges.

The 7 PRC has a relatively large case capacity, which allows for a high powder charge and increased muzzle velocities. This cartridge can produce muzzle velocities above 3,000 feet per second (fps) with some bullet weights, which translates to highly flat trajectories and long-range accuracy.

Overall, the 7 PRC is a high-performance cartridge with excellent accuracy, high muzzle velocities, and exceptional long-range performance. It is a great choice for hunters and competitive shooters who demand the best possible performance from their rifles.


ACTION: Bat Vesper Medium Action

BARREL: Carbonsix Barrel- 22″ 8.5TW Magnum


CHASIS: AG Composites Chalk Branch

DMB & MAG: UM DBM and Mag, 3.400″ Internal length

SCOPE RINGS: UM Scope Rings 30MM 1.000

SCOPE: Nightforce 4-32 F2 MOAR-C2FD C641

CERAKOTE:  Blue Kryptek 

TRIGGER: TriggerTech Special Pro Curved Clean

BIPODS: Spartan Javelin Short

WEIGHT: 9lbs 1oz

RAIL: Spartan Flush Short Rail


BULLETS: 180 VLD Berger Hunter

Machined and Built by Unknown Munitions

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