Why Load Development?

Load Developments are booked through 2021. We are expanding at the end of the year and will have more capacity at that time.

Feel free to reach out JAN2022 if you’d like to book your spot!


With Load Development you have the option of choosing your components. You can choose the brass, bullet, powder, and primer to suit your application. Or let us know what your goals are and we’ll help make the decisions for you from years of experience and live collected data. Give us a call to discuss what your options might be during this great component shortage to get you shooting great again!


Velocity Extreme Spread is the difference between the highest and lowest velocity of a shot string. The goal is to minimize this variance to keep your bullets flying the same path and avoid variance at long distance. That boxed ammunition might seem to shoot well at 100 yards, but that extreme spread of 60 FPS will really open up your groups at distance and make you potentially miss taking that game trophy or match trophy home. Let us find the perfect load for your rifle and build your ammunition with the best tooling the industry has to offer and provide those single digit standard deviations every shooter desires.


Powder is selected for best applicable burn rate and temperature sensitivity for the given cartridge and purpose. We’ll run a ladder test with various powder charges to not only ensure we have maximized the performance of your rifle, but that we settle on a charge weight that optimizes your specific barrels velocity node. This data will be documented and provided to you in an easy to read format.


We will measure your rifle’s throat with your desired bullet. We will also measure your BDL or DBM to ensure that the bullet is able to jump optimally and still fit behind your floorplate or inside your magazine. Ensuring that this bullet will reach the correct velocity for stabilization in your barrel’s length and twist rate is crucial. Leaving room to chase the lands is also necessary and taken into consideration during this phase of your load development.


After your test ammunition is loaded we head to the range where we make no compromises.  We develop your load on a stable bench with top-of-the-line competition front and rear rests.  This is the most stable way to shoot and allows us to tune your rifle to its full potential.  That way, regardless of the field condition you are shooting, you’ll know the bullet will go where you aim.  While shooting we will measure velocities with a Labradar, then we’ll head back to the shop to extrapolate the data using our proprietary tracker. You’ll be on your way to shooting small groups at 1000 yards or taking that huge Elk at 800 in no time!

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