UM Tikka Custom Rifle

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UPDATED 08JAN2024– Tikka Rifle Build Time– 16 WEEKS

Included Main Features:

Tikka T3X Long Action- Right Handed Default, Left Handed available with 6 month lead time

Built on the infamous Rokstok, made for us by Stockys

FOREST– Graphite Black base with Barrett Bronze/OD Green/FDE Sponge

SAND– Graphite Black base with Desert Sand/Forest Green/Patriot Brown Sponge

ORANGE– Graphite Black base with High VIS Orange/Battleship Grey/Sig Dark Grey sponge.

GREY– Graphite black base with Combat Grey/Battleship Grey/Sig Dark Grey sponge.

Barreled Action can be any of the single colors in your stock color combo at your request.

Ace Steel Barrel, #3 Sporter Contour, 1.170″ Shank Diameter, .700″ Muzzle Finish

SS PRO 4 .760″ Self Timing Muzzle Brake

Short SRS Picatinny Rail on Forend

Barreled action Cerakoted Single Color matched to stock

Trigger spring upgrade for lighter pull approx. 2.5 lbs.

Cartridge choices: 22 CM, 6 CM, 6 UM, 6.5 CM, 308 Win, 6.5 PRC, 6.5 SAUM IMP, 7 SAUM, 6.5/7 PRC IMP, 7 PRC, 300 WSM

Rifle weight almost always ends up right at 7 lbs. could be +/- 8 ounces depending on component choices

Available upgrades:

Lightening of action and bolt fluting found HERE

Barrel fluting from Kampfeld Custom: spiral, diamond, straight, and more found HERE

Carbonsix Barrel, $300 more, adds 4 month lead time, customer can spec barrel.

Hells Canyon Armory Barrel, $400 more, adds 6 month lead time.

UM Tikka Rings found HERE

Additional Cerakote options: Complete pattern, distressed, 2 tone, etc. found HERE

+P to add 100-150 FPS to your muzzle velocity found HERE

*** Customer responsible for full cost of rifle shipping with insurance.


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