7 PRC – Layer 1 Multicam Cerakote


Cartridge Specifications:

  • Bullet Diameter: 7mm (.284 inches)
  • Cartridge Overall Length: 2.825 inches
  • Cartridge Case Length: 2.225 inches
  • Maximum Cartridge Pressure: 65,000 psi (4,483 bar)
  • Typical Bullet Weights: 150 to 190 grains
  • Typical Muzzle Velocities: 2,900 to 3,000+ feet per second

7 PRC Purpose and Design

The 7 PRC was designed to be a versatile and efficient cartridge for long-range shooting and precision hunting. It fills the gap between the popular 6.5mm and larger 30-caliber cartridges, offering a balance of high ballistic coefficients and manageable recoil. The cartridge’s relatively high muzzle velocity and excellent ballistics allow it to maintain a flatter trajectory and resist wind drift better than many other cartridges.

What is the Ballistic Performance of the 7 PRC?

The 7 PRC can deliver impressive long-range ballistics, making it suitable for shooting at extended distances. The high sectional density and high ballistic coefficients of the 7mm bullets used in this cartridge result in excellent downrange energy and retained velocity, contributing to its effectiveness at long distances.

Popular Use Cases for the 7 PRC?

The 7 PRC is favored by long-range shooters, precision hunters, and others who require a high-performance round capable of delivering precise shots at extended ranges. It is also utilized in some competitive shooting disciplines, such as the Nightforce ELR Steel Challenge.

7 PRC Brass Availability

Hornady was the first to introduce ammunition for the 7 PRC, offering a variety of loads with different bullet weights and styles.  Peterson makes high quality 7 PRC brass, and that is available on our website.

What is the case capacity of a 7 PRC Cartridge?

The case capacity of the 7 PRC is around 83 grains of water, which is just a tad less than the 7mm Remington Magnum.

What is the parent case of the 7PRC Cartridge?

The parent case of the 7mm Precision Rifle Cartridge (7 PRC) is the .375 Ruger.

Since the 7 PRC is so close to the 7mm Rem Mag, why pick the 7 PRC?

The 7mm Rem Mag was introduced in 1962 and was designed around 150 to 175 grain bullets.  While the 7mm Rem Mag was designed to operate in a mid-length magazine, it really needs a longer magazine and longer throating if you want to shoot heavier bullets.  The 7 PRC was designed to shoot 175 – 190 grain bullets and can gain its full potential in a mid length magazine box.



ACTION: Bat Vesper Medium Action

BARREL: Proof Carbon 24″ 8TW Sendero


CHASIS: XLR Medium Magnesium 4.o 

DMB & MAG: UM DBM and Medium Mag XLR Magnum

SCOPE RINGS: Hawkins Precision Ultralight Rings

SCOPE: Nightforce C624- 4-32X50 F1 MOAR

CERAKOTE:  Layer 1 Multicam

TRIGGER: TriggerTech Special Pro Curved Clean


CLAMP: Area 419 Arca Clamp

WEIGHT: 9lbs




Machined and Built by Unknown Munitions

Rifle Only: $6473.99

Price with Scope and Bipod: $8773.99




Hornady 180 ELDM

Velocity: 2980 FPS

Distance: 650 Yards

2.75 inches (.42 MOA)

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