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Unknown Munitions is a full service precision rifle ammunition manufacturer. Our hand loaded ammunition excels in all the areas factory production ammunition falls short. We specialize in load development and custom ammunition recipes for individual rifles and the discerning shooter seeking to accurately hit targets well beyond their comfort zone. Our ammunition is capable of taking your weapon system to the next level, offering single digit muzzle velocity standard deviations through precise measurement and loading techniques developed from years of experience. We utilize only the best tooling the industry has to offer and constantly strive to improve with only the most current products, tools, and technology.

Load Development

We can customize any box of ammunition for you to complete your very own load development test at your home range. You can ask for variances in seating depth, charge weight, or bullets and have ammunition loaded your way exactly the way you want to run your test. Or ask us to setup the test for you with existing data we have on file from live fire results. We’ve developed a free tool available in the website menu that allows you to feed your collected data in and assist with interpreting your results by producing graphs and spreadsheets for you to save. If you have any questions at all about your available options and what we can do to help you shoot better, don’t hesitate to call, text, email, or DM on Instagram.

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