Hand Loading Services

Neck Turning

We use 21st century neck turning equipment and meticulously set up each run for a lot of brass. We hand turn each piece of brass without any automation.


We offer de-priming, stainless tumbling, and ultrasonic cleaning services to meet any of your needs.


We use Annealing Made Perfect machines for annealing. AMP machines are considered the gold standard in induction annealing and each program is set for your specific cartridge and brass type.


We use a Giraud trimmer in house for all of our trimming processes. The Giraud is the gold standard when it comes to trimming, it trims, deburs, and chamfers in one step.

Full length sizing

We only use Redding type S full length sizing dies unless they are not available in your caliber, in which case we will choose the best available option. We can bump the shoulder to any dimension you desire or not touch the shoulder at all. We lube with a mix of Lanolin and alcohol and clean brass again once prep is complete prior to loading.

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