Unknown Munitions Exclusive Load Development Package



Unknown Munitions Exclusive Load Development Package

Load Development is limited to full custom rifles built by reputable gunsmith for 1/2 MOA Guarantee, all other production rifles, such as, Fierce, Christensen, and Seekins will only be guaranteed to shoot 1 MOA. Most rifle will shoot better than each of these guarantees.

What’s Included:

  • Setup and measure your rifle’s specific free-bore. Free-bore is the space between the end of the case mouth and the start of the rifling. This measurement determines how deep your bullet needs to be seated into the cartridge in order to be touching the lands. This measurement is used initially to avoid pressure during the optional charge weight ladder test, and then during the secondary ladder test looking for optimal seating depth and bullet jump to tighten your groups up.
  • We load a precision optimal charge weight test based on your preferences, cartridge, rifle, and barrel specifications. We fire your rifle through the test and feed this data into our proprietary data tracker and graphs are created to find the optimal charge weight. During this test we fire approximately 50 rounds through your rifle to find the charge weight and jump that works best for your weapon system.
  • A folder containing your Load Development Worksheet, all acquired data printed out including graphs, SAMMI spec for your cartridge, and final target shot with your spec’d loaded ammunition.
  • We will return your rifle in the same packaging that you send it to us in, so please package it well! See our FAQ section for more information on shipping your rifle. The customer is responsible for return shipping costs, including if we have to replace the packaging for your rifle, and required insurance/ adult signature required.
  • If your cartridge has a standard bolt face (+/- .470), it is standard fee. If your cartridge has a magnum bolt face (+/- .540), it is a magnum fee. If your cartridge has a Lapua bolt face (+/- .585), it is a Lapua fee. There are exceptions to these standards as some cases have a disproportionate amount of powder to the case head size.
  • Any ammunition you order now or in the future can be custom made to your new ammunition specification at no additional charge.
  • A minimum of 50 rounds of ammunition must be purchased with this package.

*** We may adjust the zero in your scope for this new ammunition as part of the load development process.

*** Please make sure to fill out the load development request form prior to shipping your rifle to make sure we can handle your project!

*** If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to call one of our ammunition experts on duty!

Additional information

Weight 70 oz
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 5 in

Standard, Magnum, Lapua

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  1. Jake Hernandez

    I sent in my Bergara 300 win mag in September for a load development package for the upcoming hunting season. I honestly didn’t know what to expect but figured since I have a super accurate rifle and long range scope why not try a customized load development for this rifle?! I had everything completed within a couple weeks and the whole process was extremely professional. He gave me a load development sheet showing the ten different loads he tried, which powders, how much grains per load, the velocity, accuracy and performance on each shot until he found the optimal load. In the development worksheet he tells you which brass was used, which powder, how many grains used, the primer used and the bullet which was used. I ended up with the Berger 210 VLD Hunting billet and Hornady brass pushing out at 2823 f/s.

    I can honestly say the round has been superb. I shot a coyote at over 600 yards with perfect placement. I shot a cow elk at 110 yards during a Wyoming hunt hit double lung and she fell immediately and instantly killed over. My second tag was a calf elk at 675 yards hitting a perfect double lung and dropping it immediately with zero chase. I have also hit a mule deer buck at 370 yards at a trot, hit him with a perfect double lung and he dropped immediately. All of the animals I dropped this season have come from this bullet and every animal dropped instantly. I couldn’t be more impressed with this load and my gear in the success of all of this years hunts.

    Rifle is a Bergara B14 timber
    Scope is a Vortex Viper PS2 5×25
    And all ammo used has been this load development by Unknown Munitions.

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